Have you ever walked into an outlet store or one of the large discount chains popping up on every corner and wondered how they buy their merchandise? AND more importantly how do they can sell it for those amazing prices?  The retail market has changed drastically with stores like this commanding the market by selling designer goods at a fraction of the retail price.  Massive discount stores that carry everything from designer shoes to home accessories have a huge draw from shoppers who love the selection and love finding that fabulous designer treasure at a fraction of the regular retail price.  These large discount stores have incredible buying power and easily take over areas when they open in new locations.

Competing with BIG BOX chains like this was once impossible UNTIL NOW!
What if you could buy the same stock FOR THE SAME PRICE?

For many years we have worked in the overstock industry.  Our contacts stretch across the United States, Canada  and as far as Italy.  You will discover overstock in brands like Victoria’s Secret, Anthropologie, DKNY, Armani, Burberry, Fendi, designer shoes, watches, bedding, home decor as well as top department store overstock!

What does overstock mean?

First, all major department stores have stock surplus.  Many times throughout the year they have to make room for new shipments and the current stock is sold off for pennies on the dollar.  The majority of the time original tags intact.  Top brands like Coach, Steve Madden, Cole Haan, Juice Couture and more.  Secondly, designers have clothing overruns.  This means if a top designer over produces a line of clothing that does not sell to department stores the remaining stock is sold in the same fashion. Be sure to read our Important Info page to learn all the ins and outs of buying overstock.

What does this mean to you?

With this valuable information you can now compete with any store and
acquire sought after designer labels at a FRACTION OF THE PRICE!

Overstock Sources | Inside Secrets

PLUS You get a chance to purchase exclusive licensed merchandise that otherwise would not be available.

Because you are only paying a small percentage of wholesale you have the opportunity
to make a fantastic profit margin on sought after lines with minimal competition!

When a person wants to start a retail operation, they contact several wholesalers to get inventory. In contrast, overstock merchants gain their merchandise directly from department store overstock, bankrupt businesses, or directly from factory overruns. As a result, pricing from these sources are usually substantially lower than wholesale. Also, since the overstock merchants acquire their products so inexpensively and at various quantities, the minimum purchase amounts are usually a lot less than what is typically required of buying from wholesalers.

Retailers enjoy shopping at overstock merchants because they can mark up their merchandise more and achieve higher sales margins. It’s also easier to get started with a new product line or a new business altogether since minimum product purchases are lower.

What can these important contacts do for You!

Add this overstock product to your existing business to increase your margin and acquire sought after labels.  Don’t be afraid of outlet or the giant discount chain stores who normally carry this stock.

With this information you can buy direct from the same sources!

Starting up a new business? This is a perfect way to stock up on
top branded items at a fraction of wholesale

You only buy when the deals are there!  No need to buy stock months in advance, wait for it to arrive and eventually have to blow it out with no margin.  This type of buying is different, when you come across an amazing deal like designer handbags at 10% of wholesale, you scoop that buy and bring it in.  This kind of product doesn’t last long so while the frenzy of excited shoppers are buying your shipment you can source out what’s next!

Customers come in to your business and always see something new.  One week you may have designer bedding, the next high end kitchen products!  When you buy overstock you as a retailer have the opportunity to…


There was a time when selling product at 50% off meant you were making no money. With these valuable contacts you can acquire sought after product, put it on sale and still double or triple your money!  It really is that easy!